About Me

Dr. Robert Tucker specializes in evaluation, assessment and addiction treatment and is the founder and clinical director of New Life Spirit Recovery Treatment Center in Huntington Beach, CA. He also serves as president of the Association of Christian Alcohol and Drug Counselors Institute (ACADC Institute) in California where he oversees the education, equipping and certification process of men and women who seek drug and alcohol certification through a Christ-centered perspective. Dr. Tucker has been involved in many recovery organizations over the years, including Armorr House Detox, New Life Spirit Sober Living, New Life Spirit Recovery Treatment Center, Tucker Counseling Services in Temecula, CA and founded Spirit of Life Recovery Ministries with his wife, Stephanie.

Dr. Tucker’s commitment, focus and passion for successfully implementing true recovery stems first from his own encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ and his personal understanding of bondage, deliverance and true healing. While he is in full agreement with 12-step processes, he is known for his passion to help men and women uncover and properly process the deeper-rooted issues that lead to damage and destruction. Through the process of authentic healing, he takes people through their past to seek out the rooted issues that initiate and cultivate self-destructive behavior. This involves revealing the lies, trauma and wounds of the past while inviting Jesus in to those areas to bring healing through the revelation of both truth and God’s love.

Over the years, he’s not only counseled and influenced thousands of men and women in their journey of recovery, but has trained hundreds of counselors to use this same process in administering healing to others.

Robert’s private practice stems from a relentless interest in offering a spectrum of services, including both practical and spiritual tools to drive a life of sobriety and freedom. He understands how addiction affects families, churches, employment, communities and society as a whole, and is missioned to do his part to help people usher in authentic and life-long change.

Robert’s testimony is truly remarkable. It is written like a thriller movie where the “bad” guy is redeemed and goes on to live “happily ever after.” Except it isn’t fictional – his life reflects the true reality of what God can do with a surrendered heart. After decades of drug abuse, he had stumbled to the end of his road facing a 25-year prison term. As he prepared for a life of ministry behind bars, God insisted that his focus change, and that he should begin to prepare for a new life serving Him outside the system. Not understanding that a potential change in judgement was even possible, he soon learned that all things are possible with God.  Robert’s amazing life change was seen by all including the sentencing judge – and as he prepared to serve Jesus within the prison system, God moved heaven and earth and did what the California legal system rarely does – they modified his sentence and sent him home many years sooner than initially expected.

But this wasn’t a man merely being given another chance – he has since sowed life and freedom into thousands, inspiring people across the country to believe that God is real, and He is capable of doing more than anyone could think or imagine.

Robert has been married to Stephanie for almost fifteen years. They have two daughters, Arianna 13 and Isabella 12. He also has two grown sons, Robert Jr. that lives in Florida, and Jason in New York; along with their wives, four grandsons and a new granddaughter, Giana.


Today, Robert’s freedom is a vehicle that could help transform your life or the life of someone you love. Don’t wait until it’s too late – today is your day to get help!

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