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In-State and Out-of-State DUI Evaluation - Trauma - PTSD - Porn - Grief
Emotional Conflict - Sex Addiction Treatment
Christian Coach - Christian Chaplain - Substance Abuse - Substance Use Disorders

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You can be certain your time here will be confidential, well-guarded and life-changing.  I specialize in helping men and women, pastors, ministers, clergy and people in high profile positions requiring anonymity find freedom from various challenges and afflictions. Serving San Diego, Orange County, Riverside, Temecula, Murrieta, and Huntington Beach through onsite and Online Therapy, TeleHealth, TeleTherapy, and online classes nationally and internationally.

I am committed to your successful outcome!

There are clearly definable reasons why people do what they do and an absolute solution available to those willing to put forth the necessary effort to uncover and work through what is revealed.  No two people are alike and their journey through life is different as well, so the reasons for unhealthy behavior are different requiring a personalized approach. Once a thorough assessment has been completed, a personalized treatment plan is put together to meet your specific needs.    

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Telehealth is Private, Personal & Professional

Help is Now Available in the Privacy of Your Home or Business

We offer this evidence based approach with over a decade of experiencing successful outcomes. With today’s busy schedules, limited resources, anonymity concerns, minimal providers in some communities and for various other reasons, many are finding online services much more than just a convenience. It has become a necessity to some enabling them to receive the help they wouldn’t normally be able to. Telehealth allows an extra level of privacy. This approach has become very popular among many professionals concerned about being seen entering or leaving a treatment center.  

Dr. Tucker founded and directed a state-certified Christian Treatment Center for close to 20 years. He is a Master level Advanced Specialist with over 20 years of clinical experience and is Board Certified by the International Board of Christian Counselors as a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor.  Additionally he is SAP certified and recognized by the Dept. of Transportation (DOT) as a Substance Abuse Professional authorized to provide SAP services to employees in safety sensitive positions. If you are employed in a DOT “safety sensitive” position and have been asked to “stand-down” due to a DOT Rule 49 CFR regulation violation, he can help!

Services Available

Experiencing struggles is not something to be ashamed of. Counseling is offered online for comfort and convenience.

Online treatment packages are available to those that reside in remote areas with limited resources for travel. 

Outpatient Services

We offer intensive outpatient treatment services at our Temecula location location in Riverside County, California.  

Healing & Deliverance

Emotional and spiritual challenges are very real and require the “healing power of the Holy Spirit”.

DOT/SAP Evaluation

If you’ve been asked to “stand-down”, I can provide the required Assessment and Evaluation to get you the help you need.

DUI & DWI Evaluation

We provide both In-state and out-of-state DUI / DWI SAP Evaluations.  Most states require this as part of reinstatement.

Licensed Counselor

Pastor of Recovery

Robert is the founder and Executive Director of Tucker Counseling Services, New Life Spirit Recovery and Spirit of Life Recovery Ministries with thousands of hours in the counseling room. In his private practice, online counseling has become a very valuable asset and important facet he’s been utilizing to provide services with great success for many years. Robert is also a professor at the Association of Christian Alcohol & Drug Counselors Institute training and equipping counselors for ministry and for certification in the State of California.

Clinical Chaplain

Stephanie is the Program Director at Spirit of Life Recovery and is a well known author and teacher known specifically for her work on codependence and the process of healing. Stephanie works with family members affected by other people’s negative behavior to help them find hope, healing and solution. 

Dr. Stephanie Tucker, DBAC, MDAAC, LCC, CCC

Clinical Chaplain

Tina a skilled Licensed Clinical Chaplain who has lead our sister facility in Huntington Beach for many years. She has helped hundreds of individuals and families gain restoration and freedom through the use of healing and recovery principles. 

Tina Pomroy, M.Min., CCC, LCC

Clinical Chaplain

Dan is counselor at our sister organization, Spirit of Life Recovery. He offers his valuable counseling skills for this ministry for men that need outpatient services. Dan is known as a professional that uses spiritual, clinical and practical tools that lead to life and freedom.

Dr. Daniel Deghi, DBAC, LCC, RAS

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