Addiction Counseling for Christians

Jesus came to set the captives free!

There are absolute and definable reasons why people do what they do and an absolute solution available. There is no freedom without forgiveness, and no true forgiveness without Jesus.

Addiction counseling for Christians can be accomplished in person or in the comforts of your own home through eCounseling.

Faith-based approach to treatment is a proven success.

Christian addiction counseling for Christians is pretty self explanatory. The differences between Christian counseling and secular counseling is literally worlds apart. As a Christian counselor, I have been helping men and women find true freedom from addiction for over fifteen years.  When Jesus said “to whom the son sets free shall be free indeed” He literally meant it. I have been blessed to participate in the transformation process of hundreds of lives forever changed. I am committed to creating a safe atmosphere that allows God’s redemptive process to bring life, healing and restoration. There are, without question, reasons why the alcoholic / addict does what they do. I implement an evidence-based solution that focuses on the underlying issues that lead to addiction, while paving a pathway towards true freedom.  Combining spiritual resources with a clinical approach, I offer professional and responsible care centered in Biblical truth.  If more than counseling is needed, our treatment center is located in beautiful Huntington Beach, Orange County California.  It is a known fact that successful addiction rehabilitation starts with a desire to change and hinges upon the options offered in treatment.

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